About Moon Creatures

Influenced by the opulent and bizarre art collections of the Victorian era, Moon Creatures has formed to produce quirky, eclectic pieces for the modern home. The entomology sculptures and frames have been created by self taught Perth artist Sofie Lewis. In love with all things gothic and eccentric, Sofie combines eerie winding branches, moss and lichens, skulls and hand sculpted toadstools, which bring to life the environments for the insect domes.


Each specimen goes through a process of rehydrating, spreading and pinning to reveal their delicate features. They are then carefully and thoughtfully placed in a frame or glass dome to be displayed as a timeless art piece.


The specimens are sustainably sourced from farms dedicated to their life and preservation. Butterfly farms encourage forest conservation as communities (and people who were once forest loggers) are now preserving the natural vegetation of the insects as it promotes successful breeding and therefore provides the farmers with an income.


Caring For Your Specimens:

Hang frames on a well lit wall to enhance the beautiful colours within the specimen. Keep away from direct sunlight as this will cause fading, and avoid displaying in areas with high humidity.