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About Moon Creatures

Influenced by the opulent and bizarre art collections of the Victorian era, Moon Creatures has formed to produce detailed, eclectic pieces for the modern home. The entomology sculptures and frames have been created by self taught Perth artist Sofie Lewis. In love with all things gothic and eccentric, Sofie combines eerie winding branches, moss and lichens, skulls and hand sculpted toadstools, which bring to life the environments for the insect domes.


Each specimen goes through a process of rehydrating, spreading and pinning to reveal their delicate features. They are then carefully and thoughtfully placed in a frame or glass dome to be displayed as a timeless art piece.


The specimens are sustainably sourced from farms dedicated to their life and preservation. A majority of the specimens are released into their natural habitat to live out their full lifespan and help to re-populate and preserve the species. Butterfly farms encourage forest conservation as communities (and people who were once forest loggers) are now preserving the natural vegetation of the insects as it promotes successful breeding and therefore provides the farmers with an income. 


Many insect breeders hand rear their specimens, allowing them to live a full lifecycle. This is usually not a long time for most species, for example, the Atlas moth, which once in imago stage only lives for a few days as they do not have fully formed mouthparts. Once these amazing creatures have passed away, what better way to cherish their beauty for eternity than in a unique art piece to admire for generations. 


Caring For Your Specimens:

Moon Creatures products have been carefully preserved to last for years to come. To properly care for your art piece, hang on a well lit wall, or display in a brightly lit area to enhance the beautiful colours within the specimen, but away from direct sunlight as this will cause colour fading. Avoid displaying in areas with high humidity.

The backing on every frame has been taped with framers tape to discourage parasites and most commonly, book lice from entering. These are tiny insects that eat other dead insects. If you have a specimen collection it is best to monitor every few months. If your specimens have been compromised you will notice a dust like product in the bottom of the frame or dome. To exterminate these parasites please wrap your frame securely in a few layers of plastic bags and freeze for a week. Do the same for domes, but cut a piece of paper for under the base to protect the felt bottom, then tape the glass to the base with framers tape or blue painters tape, and then wrap in plastic.